The Rules and Code of Conduct

Who runs it?

The Alchemist's Guild community is run by Underjord AB, a Swedish company.

Moderation will be performed by whoever is placed in charge by Underjord AB and any issues will be handled as they see fit. Initially this will definitely be Lars Wikman, the founder. This means a strong left-leaning tendency, socialist upbringing but also a fair bit of tolerance for nuance and gray areas. This is shared in the interest of transparency. I sincerely hope my viewpoints will be limited to my input in discussions, rather than moderation. But there are things I will not stand for.

If you find that anyone is misbehaving in the community spaces or events to any extent, let me know in DMs, in person or via and I will do my best to address the situation.


The goal of the community is to create a place to exchange ideas, give and receive support, make connections and grow in our professions.

In many senses it is a professional space and while it is not formal it is recommended to contribute to a good spirit and a touch of professionalism.

The community is not explicitly a place to discuss politics and ideology but considering that politics, philosophy and ideology all interact with the work of leadership and technology it is unwise to entirely avoid. For this purpose we want to encourage care when broaching topics that you know to be controversial. Refrain from intentionally incendiary discussions. If you are uncertain if a topic is appropriate, do reach out to a moderator.

A stated goal is to also meet in person. The expectations also apply in person.

Chatham House Rule

To ensure a degree of comfort discussing sensitive topics it is expected that information is shared under the Chatham House Rule. That is, while you may use information received you will do so with some care for the people that shared it. As a member you are still responsible for whatever NDAs you may have signed of course. The rule:

"[..] under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

The rule is expanded on here.

Expected Behavior

Unacceptable Behavior


This is not a community-owned project. It is a commercial one. We aim to deliver a particular experience and we reserve the right to refuse customers that are not a good fit for any reason. It is not a court, it is not a legal system.

If Underjord terminates a membership before the entire term has passed we intend to refund the entirety of the membership fee.

Notes and Attribution

We pull the Expected and Unacceptable behaviors from the Berlin Code of Conduct ( and slightly modify them for brevity.