At the intersection of technology, people and business, we find the technical leader. It is a role that combines three deep and wide fields in a way that is both challenging and rewarding. The role tends to be singular, both very important and potentially isolated.

Finding people who share fundamental technical context and understand the converging pressures you work under is difficult and time-consuming.

The Alchemist Guild offers a club for you. As the CTO, the VP of Engineering, the technical leader of a large department, this is your place. If your organisation has a significant investment in using Elixir and you are in a technical leadership role the Alchemist Guild has what you need.

It is a premium community with verified technical leaders who share your technical ground in Elixir. Some work at large companies, some at small ones. Some are growing, some are stable. Startups, scaleups and enterprise corporations. A variety of experiences to learn from.

The goal is sharing knowledge, crafting community and making connections.

It is a prime opportunity to have people answer your questions at the level you are asking them; a chance to share frustrations in a room that gets it and to get advice on the parts of the job you are unsure about.

The Alchemist Guild runs on Slack to minimize friction in our members’ busy days. We host both regular and special events to give our members opportunities to connect. Our goal is to make all time spent with the community feel valuable, whether intense or ambient.

We hold workshops with experts and coaches to create learning opportunities appropriate for technical leaders.

You should even get your due in the physical world. We plan on pulling together group events around the Elixir and Erlang community conferences, so you can attend these events with a network already in place. Hands pre-shook, people ready to connect you.

The initial price is $800 per year. It is likely to go up. If you are unsure if this is right for you, you can try it with no risk: if you don't find it worth your time within your first three months we offer a full refund. We don't want money from anyone who is not satisfied. Let us know if you need anything additional for your company to cover your membership fee. This should be the most straightforward investment they could possibly make.

This is the Alchemist's Guild for CTOs. Hope you are as excited as we are.

Sign up here or reach out if you have questions.